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August Equine - Professional Saddle Adjustments & Repairs

August Equine - Professional Saddle Adjustments & Repairs

Find out why Holly is one of Canada's most sought-after fitters

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The Saddle Rack Dilemma…

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In almost every tack room you will find something that damages your saddle, every time you put it away. Your saddle spends most of its precious life sitting on your saddle rack and so you may find it quite concerning that the very place you store your saddle is actually...
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Celebrating Milestones

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I used to believe that nothing could ever compare to a rider’s high (you know, the one that lasts for days after a good ride). Those few moments when you could not tell where your horse ended and you began while floating over the earth in bliss and harmony. It…

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"I thoroughly enjoyed the whole saddle fitting experience with Holly... I really appreciated and push to others the fact that she puts the fit of the saddle and satisfaction of the customer first. I have had many experiences where the goal is to sell the saddle, no matter if the fit is a bit off."

− Sophie / Harlequin Romance “Harley”

"To update you, Spicey is in love with her saddle again. Our first ride back in it she was so happy we essentially couldn't do anything but gallop, she was so happy she could stretch out without any tightness! Then yesterday's ride we finally got our suspension back. You KNOW the saddle fits when she gets her suspension back!"

− Samantha Tapper / Spicey

"I cannot express how thrilled I am with my new saddle, and how impressed I have been with your services. You have gone above and beyond in making sure that the saddle is absolutely perfect, and that JR is happy. You have taken the time to answer my questions and make sure that I am comfortable and at ease. JR was absolutely fantastic at our first show and I am 100% sure that it was because of the saddle. I have never felt him jump so well. I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done."

− Kira - JR

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