Founded in 2001 by Holly Barnett, August Equine embraces the ‘whole horse’ concept and presents a comprehensive approach to maintaining equine back health and proper saddle fit.

About Holly

  • Graduate of the D’al School of Equine Massage Therapy (2001)
  • Registered with The International Federation of Registered Equine Massage Therapists
  • Worked for 4 years as an Equine Veterinary Assistant alongside veterinarians specializing in chiropractic care, lameness and dentistry
  • Certified by Schleese Saddlery, having completed 8-month apprenticeship program
  • Introductory Master Saddlers Certification
  • Provides saddle-fitting and massage therapy services to clients throughout North America

Holly is available for clinics and seminars on a variety of topics. In the past, she has been a guest speaker at NEDA symposiums, Circle of Professionals with Jane Savoie, Equine Affaire and Integrative Therapies lecture at Guelph University.