August Equine Mounted Troop Saddle Fitting Services

Today’s Patrol Horses face demands not suited for the average saddle. Long hours in the tack in all weather conditions require above average fit requirements for health and safety for horse and rider.

  • Improve Balance and Communication Aids
  • Decrease ‘Spookiness” in tense circumstances
  • Specialize in fitting the asymmetrical horse – uneven shoulders, saddle slip, crooked riders

August Equine specializes in fitting Mounted Troops and now offers a signature line of Mounted Patrol saddles.  We are able to work with existing saddles as well as advise on purchase plans.


August Equine Patrol Saddle

First fully adjustable Patrol Saddle

  • Adjustable to fit horse through condition and age cycles
  • Adjustable seat for rider – change out seat for male and female officers
  • Adjustable stirrups
  • Adjustable cable rigging
  • Variety of saddle designs (English/Western/Australian/Trooper)
  • Lightweight ~ approx. 20lbs
  • 14” – 22” seat sizes
  • 10 year tree warranty
  • 5 year workmanship warranty
  • Reduce saddle maintenance fees by over 80%

Made in Canada

Safety is paramount for mounted patrol units. Relying on the horse’s mental ability to handle unpredictable crowds and stressful situations is key. Horses in pain due to ill fitting tack will be unable to perform effectively as saddle pressure overrides the riders aids, places officer out of balance and causes the horse to stay in a sympathetic nervous state (fight or flight mode) Horses that are in neutral posture and well connected with balanced riders are able to navigate crowds and think through intense circumstances. A properly fitted saddle unites horse and officer and facilitates a solid working relationship.

Working with mounted units over the past few years has led to the discovery of common issues – expecting ordinary saddles to go beyond what they were originally designed to do.

Mounted units spend 3 – 6+ hours on horseback several times per week. The average saddle is designed for 30 – 60 minutes 4 – 6 times per week

Wool flocked panels compress over time and need constant attention in order to retain proper fit. Reflocking panels averages $150-$250 and is recommended every 6 months – 1 year with regular use. Increased time in saddle requires more frequent flocking adjustment.

Standard wooden trees are often guaranteed for approximately 5 years of regular use. Mounting from the ground and extended hours in the saddle leads to compromised trees which have too much give and no longer hold adjustments. Fit issues cause pressure to the topline and cause muscle atrophy, leaving the majority of saddle too wide and leading to further saddle fit issues.

Signs of poorly fitting saddles:

  • Atrophied muscles especially behind the shoulder blades
  • White hair patches under saddle
  • Saddle Shift – most common issue, causes back pain in horse and rider
  • Horses have difficulty moving in one direction over the other, picking up a lead
  • Spookiness, bolting, bucking, biting and kicking often for uncalled for events
  • General stiffness, grumpy disposition, lack of impulsion
  • Difficulty standing still
  • Resent being groomed

August Equine Ltd has developed a program to specifically meet the needs of mounted units and provide unparalleled fitting services. Contact us for a custom quote.