Saddle-Fit Consultations

Every subtle aid we give is destined to be a clear and concise signal to our horse. Poorly fitting saddles not only cause pain and damage to horse and rider but can also cause behavior issues, slow training progress and basically remove the fun from riding for the horse. Is going one direction much easier than the other? Has he ‘always’ been that way? Have you heard of laterality and how skilled fitters are often solving this issue among other common riding complaints and struggles?

At August Equine we specialize in fitting and selecting saddles for horse and rider.

Your personalized consultation begins with a detailed assessment of your horses’ conformation, biomechanical function, current muscle condition and profile requirements.

Measurements (back and wither tracings) are taken, analyzed and kept on file for future reference. Saddle safety is checked before assessing static fit (standing) to your horse. The ridden evaluation is often recorded for video analysis and comparing saddle-fit and movement of the horse before and after adjustments.

90 minutes