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School of Lightness – “Ecole de Legerete”

By September 23, 2014 Events No Comments

Sundays are a treasure in our busy lives and sometimes you spend them in the best way possible. In a barn, with friends, watching magical riding unfold! This past Sunday was just that. Nicole Weinauge from Phillipe Karl’s School of lightness was visiting from Germany and gave a spectacular demonstration of the training scale of lightness.

The founding priniciple of the School of Légèreté is the absolute respect for the horse and while it excludes any use of force or coercive artificial aids it can be used with all types of horses in all disciplines. This method of training takes inspiration from Xenophon, Baucher, Oliveira (to name a few) Having read Phillipe’s books a few years back sparked an interest to continue this study but found my attention focused on saddles more than riding. To see this is the flesh was an inspiration to rekindle my thirst for knowledge in training methods. And so it begins again.

Also presenting was Julica Rurhmann of Sitzkunst, also from Germany. Julica is all about the seat, hence her business name meaning “the art of sitting”. She is adorable, mighty and has spent years exploring seat sensitivity, balance and the muscles that help and hinder a balanced rider. What I liked most about her is her drive and passion. She developed her technique until she felt she had answered some missing questions. I can really appreciate that.

Great people, delicious snacks, beautiful farm and some fun door prizes. Most definitely a Sunday well spent.

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