Equine Therapy – Initial Consult 75 minutes

Once considered a luxury or even snake oil, equine therapy has fast become a well-respected aspect of horse care worldwide. Whether your horse is your trail buddy or athletic competitive partner, there are a range of reasons and variety of modalities that you will want to know about.

Out initial consult will take an in-depth look at your horse’s current physical condition including conformation and gait analysis. The physical assessment takes about 30 minutes followed by a discussion of recommended protocol and a bodywork session.

Services offered;

Registered Equine Massage Therapy
Equi-Bow Technique
Cranio-Sacral Therapy (ongoing training)
TTouch (ongoing training)

Clients are encouraged to follow homecare exercises and are taught how to release tension with gentle non-invasive techniques to be applied between appointments.

We specialize in documenting your horses’ progress and you will be provided with detailed records that you are encouraged to share with your horse’s health care team (vet/farrier/chiropractor)

Follow up visits are sold in packages and are available to you after your initial consult.